JCW Electronics provides Payphone systems for a large number of jail facilities. We utilize some of the most robust and reliable equipment available to ensure trouble free operations in your facilities.

The platform utilized to place calls uses such technologies as VoIP, SONET, and VPN security features to deliver a secure, reliable and cost effective solution for your facility. Our service offers 24/7 call staff that continuously monitors the network to ensure trouble free and prompt service.

We provide you with the tools that were once only available to large facilities. We can accommodate facilities that have as few as one jail cell all the way up to the largest facilities.

We offer features such as Investigative Alerts, Call Recording, Live Call Monitoring, Call Blocking, Pin Pad Administration, Pre-Paid Debit Cards, Automated Bank Card Collect, Reverse Lookup, Call Detail, One Time Name Recording, Custom Voice Prompt, Network Monitoring, Call Diversion Alert, and Phone Control.